Mouse gestures extension for Chromium (lol-alpha version)

FML, it's possible! It's really tech preview, don't think it will solve all your problems  :-)


  • Close tabs (hold any mouse button and gesture down-then-right)
  • Button that can be green and red :-)


  • very unstable when more then one window opened
  • Latest tab in windows doesn't close (sometimes)
  • System tabs doesn't close. Error pages, Smart new tab page.

Getting start

  1. Get latest dev build (better: latest version from repository)
  2. Find your chrome shortcut (for example, right-click the Chrome icon on your desktop and choose Properties) and add the --enable-extensions flag to it:
    chrome.exe --enable-extensions
  3. Restart Chrome.
  4. Drag *.crx file into Chromium window, click OK, save file, click OK.
  5. Toolstripe appaers at bottom of the window, yeah? Restart Chromium.
  6. Click on mouse icon, make it greener :)
  7. Open tab and try to close it. Hold mouse button and move down-then-right.


Mouse Gestures ver 0.2
Source Code

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3 комментария: Mouse gestures extension for Chromium (lol-alpha version)

  1. Ant Bryan говорит:


    gestures are my main missing feature in chrome. I think I could make do w/ just open & close tab.

  2. Дмитрий говорит:

    Все коротко и по делу. Спасибо.

  3. Mark говорит:

    А прикол в том, что это все на английском???